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Dance Xpressions Logo With Ballet Shoes

32523_547431791326_1343467_nI still remember my first pair of ballet shoes. My parents had to sell them to buy my second pair. At the time, I didn’t know that the work ethic and confidence I learned as a child ballerina would lead me to become a professional dancer and later buy my childhood dance studio. I just knew that I wanted to keep dancing, so the sacrifice was worth it.

More than 25 years later, I own Dance Xpressions, formerly Lancaster Dance Academy. Our Ellis County dance studio offers classes to students ages 3 to 18 in the Ellis and South Dallas County area. Our large staff and studio space allows us the flexibility schedule classes that fit into your schedule. Our Elite team started competing regionally in 2014 and our students have already won scholarships, high scores, overall titles and more. Aside from their dancing accomplishments, what really strikes me is how our students lead community service projects every year. In their eyes I see the same confidence and work ethic that helped me aim for the stars and then do the hard work to get there.

Owning a studio is a little different than I thought. As a working mom, the hours are long and there is always something to be done. But if working here means that I can help just one more student reach for their dreams, then the sacrifice is worth it. Even if I have to sell my ballet shoes.

Katherine Jones, Owner




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